Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Final Training Day

Fourth and final day of training – completed! Actually it was yesterday, but I was too tired to post about it then. It’s a funny thing, because I don’t feel tired when I’m at the parks, but as soon as I get on the bus to go home, it’s like I just lose all my energy. I make all these great plans to work out and clean and Skype people at home, but that has not happened once yet. Hopefully I’ll get used to this schedule again soon and it won’t be so bad.

Anywho. Yesterday started out in Epcot Entertainment again. We went over more rules and things and then we played with the characters before lunch. I was super excited because I got to play with Gideon (from Pinocchio). After lunch, we played with the characters some more and this time I got Gideon and Foulfellow (also known as Honest John). I was SO excited about my characters, because those two almost never come out to do meet and greets. But it was somewhat difficult too, because most people didn’t recognize them, and Foulfellow is really tall and kind of intimidating. It’s hard to convince people to come visit with them when Mickey is standing right next to them, but they still got quite a few visitors. I know that most of the time I will be working with more popular characters, so this probably won’t be an issue.

At the end of the day, we had to take an assessment to make sure that we actually understood our training (HA!). It was easy, but I’m getting a little bit nervous at this point. I hope that I actually absorbed the information I was supposed to and I can actually do my job. My first official day is tomorrow, bright and early at 8:15. AND I get to work with Alice at the Teacups. I don’t think people fully appreciate just how much Character Attendants are doing and how much they have to keep track of. It is definitely not just standing by the line and taking pictures for people, like I thought.

On a lighter note, yesterday was the welcome event for my arrival date. I took the bus to Vista with a girl from my training group and her roommates. They had free pizza and drinks and a dancefloor type thing. And of course, we had special visitors. :]

And with that, I will try to blog again soon!

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