Monday, January 30, 2012

SO close to finally starting my job for real!

Day three of training and only one more to go!

Today was very short and sweet, blog-entry-wise. We spent a couple hours this morning going over stuff we already learned (safety for the characters, handling guest situations, etc.) and then we worked character meet and greets in Epcot. I worked with Chip and Dale, Goofy, Tigger and Mickey, which I still can’t even really believe. Seriously, how many people get to say that's their job?

Some things to keep in mind about being an attendant:

A) Once a character comes out into the park, ALL of the guests go nuts. All of them. Age means nothing.

B) Guests don’t listen. Like ever. Part of our job includes forming lines to meet characters so that it’s not just a giant mob, but that is close to impossible to achieve.

C) You are simultaneously a photographer, entertainer, small-talker, organizer and watchdog. There are a million things to keep track of all at once. Oh and you can’t be shy. At all.

Despite all of this, it was still by far my favorite day on the job. And it all makes me really excited to finally start working full shifts and be done training. I seriously have the best job you can have on a CP. For real.


  1. I'm so glad to hear that you're loving your job so far. :-) And yes, guests really don't listen, haha. Enjoy your last day of training!!

  2. Yeah I am really happy with what I got, Entertainment is pretty fantastic :]