Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 2 of Official Character Attendant Training

Sooooo getting the motivation to write blog entries is much harder than I thought. This program is absolutely exhausting. But in the best possible way :]

On to Day 2 of Training!

We started out the morning in Magic Kingdom, where we got to tour the Entertainment department again. It was more or less a repeat of the Welcome to Entertainment tour. We also watched some current Character Attendants in MK working with the Princesses, which was amazing. I revert back to a five-year-old in the presence of characters, so I will need to get over that. But seriously, does anyone ever not freak out a little bit when Cinderella waves at them? Didn’t think so.

From there we went to Animal Kingdom and viewed their Entertainment rooms. DAK is a really small park comparatively, so they don’t have much and there aren’t many people stationed there.

After that we went to Hollywood Studios and observed more character attendants (this time it was for Winnie-the-Pooh, Handy Manny and Jake the Pirate). We were supposed to be watching the attendants but it’s SO hard to not watch all the cute little interactions with the characters. It also makes me insanely jealous for obvious reasons.

Then we took a little break and ate lunch until it was time to meet at Epcot. There we practiced little scenarios with each other and then we actually got to host some meet and greets in the park. I was stationed with Donald and Daisy, and let me tell you, I am still infatuated with them even afterward. I had a little bit of trouble with a guest getting mad about not being able to take a picture but nothing too major. There was a Make-A-Wish family at one point, which was really sad but it makes me really grateful. All in all, it was a pretty good, successful day. But I think people planning to do the CP really underestimate how difficult and tiring this job is. For me, standing in the sun for even an hour is exhausting, so I can’t imagine what I will feel like after eight. Just a little something to keep in mind when picking your job. I still wouldn’t trade being a character attendant for anything (well, except for Character Performer), but it’s a tough job.

Tomorrow we are supposed to be reviewing some more inside before we do more work with the characters.

On another happy note, I got a CP e-mail saying that Disney is hosting an audition for female character performer look-a-likes, which is really exciting. I auditioned for character performer for this program but obviously didn’t make it, so I’m really excited for another opportunity. I’m hopefully going to do an audition recap, but we’ll see how much time I actually have.

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