Saturday, January 28, 2012

Welcome to Entertainment, Training and More!

This is SO much busier than I anticipated! I meant to try to blog every day during training so I don't forget anything, but that's probably not going to happen.

I had Welcome to Entertainment on Thursday, which is a class for Character Attendants, Performers and Photopass Photographers. I can't really go into great detail about this class because it's somewhat secret information and I don't want to spoil anything. BUT there is quite a bit of safety information, some computer classes and such. We also got some general information about working in Entertainment, such as things that we can and cannot share with family and friends, questions we'll be asked by guests, etc. It was pretty interesting, but a fairly slow day.

On Friday, I got to take a tour of sorts of the park. It was pretty behind-the-scenes and full of cool history stuff. It was also a short day, so that was really nice, but it started super early in the morning.

Today I had my first day of official Character Training! Whoo! This was by far the best day, because we FINALLY got into role-specific information. Again, a lot of this is stuff I can't talk about, but just know that if you ever happen to be a Character Attendant, this is the day it starts to get good. It was also the longest day by far but it went by super fast. And we got to watch The Little Mermaid for no apparent reason. We also got the little red ribbons that say "Earning My Ears" to add to the bottom of our nametags. This is kinda neat, it's their version of employee in training. What's really nice about them is that you get to choose when you take the ribbon off. The other thing that was a huge emphasis today was the Disney Look. Because we are technically working in Entertainment, we are required to follow a little bit stricter dress code since we have so much guest interaction. We went over little scenarios we might have with the guests, and things we could say when the character's set is ending. I also got my schedule for the next week, which had the locations where I will be working first, and I'm ridiculously excited about that. After today, I'm really excited to start my role.

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