Saturday, January 21, 2012

Disney College Program Adventures!

My name is Lana and I'm a 21-year-old (sometimes) college student from the West. I'm literally leaving tomorrow for Orlando to participate in the Disney College Program for the Spring 2012 semester, (and considering extending through August, but talk to me in May :). I originally applied for the program in October of 2010 for the Spring 2011 semester, but I didn't pass the web-based interview. I wanted to apply for the Fall 2011 program, but since Disney has a 6-month rule for re-applying, I was too late for the deadline. BUT I finally managed to jump through all the hoops for this semester! Excitement!

My guess is that everyone who is reading this (if anyone is reading this) already knows what the Disney College Program is, so I won't bore you with a description of the program. In the event that you don't already know what the program is, here's the link to the DCP website: Disney College Program. There are also a lot of great blogs and YouTube channels with tons of great information about the program, so I will try to include some of those on the sidebar.

My role for the DCP is Character Attendant, and I found out via a friend who has access to the Hub (the Disney Cast Member website) that I'm working the Magic Kingdom. I feel like I should throw in a disclaimer here that I am not a huge Disney freak. I mean, I do love me some Donald and I ADORE Princess and the Frog, but Disney is not my life. I've never actually been to Disney World (just Disneyland), and I'm sure that it will be fun, but I'm doing the DCP primarily for the addition to my resume and to hopefully meet leaders within the company. A lot of people forget just how many other companies Disney owns (ABC, ESPN, Marvel, to name a few), and I think having some connection to such highly-regarded corporations could be useful someday. You never know :]

Anyway, that's enough rambly nonsense for one evening.

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